Zambia • Day Two

After our first night in Zambia, we went to Sunday worship at the church that David Mulonga pastors. I was asked to preach the morning message at the open air church building. For most of the attenders, English was not their first language so David interpreted. They speak a language called Lamba. The highlight of the morning worship was their signing. Zambian accapella music sounds like it has 12 parts being sung in harmony. Bob captured some of it on video and it is worth a listen.

After service we were notified that our luggage had arrived. We went to pick it up 0n our way to the J-Life Training Center about an hour south of Ndola. Turns out only 5 0f our 8 bags arrived. Two of the three are Glenda’s but she took it in stride. The journey to the training center allowed us to see how people live in “the bush”, the type of area we will be staying for the next week. We arrived at the center and got settled into our rooms. We spent our first night at the center examining the facility and planning our work for the week. Another glitch was that they had failed to acquire bedding for us. We spent our first night sleeping in our clothes, but at least we had a mattress and pillow.

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