South Africa • Day Eight

We just finished serving at a J-Life celebration at the newly finished meeting hall. About 60 J-Life supporters and our team ate breakfast together and heard an updated presentation on the ministry. After working here for a week, it really unified the ministry of the 17 countries in which J-Life has a presence. It gave us a chance to meet and visit with South Africans who have been a part of J-Life since it’s origin. The team then helped with the clean-up and put-away.

No more work is to be done on the silos as another problem was discovered with the trusses. Under Rob Kochan and Michael Ehler’s leadership, we have done as much as we can with what we have.
John abrahamse returned this morning, foot in a cast for four weeks. My observation is that it has not slowed him down.
This will be the last update. By the time you read this, we will be on a plan journeying back to Iowa. While I am sure we will be tired the first few days after we arrive home, we are anxious to share with you what God has done through our service in South Africa. We came to be a blessing and we have accomplished that. We also have been blessed ourselves far beyond what we imagined we would be. We have stories, pictures, deeper friendships and new challenges to meditate on and put into action. Jesus showed Himself to us in some unexpected ways and we are anxious to share them with you. Thanks for all of your prayers and support.
Final time from South Africa,
Tom W.

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