South Africa • 2012

Your South Africa Team (minus Grant Bontrager and Dan Wagner…they took off on another hike and did not make the photo).
It rained last night for the first time since we have been here. God has been good in giving us ideal weather (we are dealing with 80 degree temps with lots of sunshine…sorry) to work. We had our doubts about whether the remade trusses would arrive, but the majority of them were delivered by midmorning. The team worked into the evening and they made great progress.
Work progress on the dormitory silo.
We took our final team into the township today. The church in extension #23 is called ACTS Family Church and has truly been a blessing. They do not have a building but currently meet in a surplus canvas tent that is in pretty bad shape. At breakfast this morning, we as a team decided that we wanted to buy them a new tent. John helped us arrange to purchase a new one and we had it delivered this afternoon. They were so excited! We had to leave before it was set up, but they promised to send us pictures and give us a report.
The church does not have a lot of tools to do repairs so Roland Roberts felt led to give his tools to the pastor of the church. He said the tools originally belonged to his father and he knew his dad would be pleased to have them used by someone who really needed them. Pastor Thabiso had to put the belt on immediately and began looking for bolts to tighten on the playground equipment. Guess there is just something about a man with new tools regardless of the culture.
Pastor Thabiso with his new tools.
Ramsey Tucker was part of the group today and she taught the children hanging out at the church to play duck, duck, goose. They in turn taught her an African game which she intends to teach the kids in missions club. At the orphanage she read the children a Bible story and taught them a scripture memory song.
Ramsey Tucker visits the orphanage.
Since it is our last night at Camp Eden, the staff provided us with a bush picnic. They do a stew in a pot similar to a Dutch oven. It was really good stuff and a great time of fellowship in the outdoors. One of the boys from extension #23 came back with us for the evening. It was hard to say goodbye. After supper, some of the men gave him shoes and clothing to take back to the township to share with those in need. Lives have been changed on both sides of the transaction.
We celebrate our final night in Africa with a bush picnic.
I need to report to you that John Abrahamse was admitted to the hospital overnight. We took him to an orthopedic surgeon today and they insisted he stay in the hospital overnight due to a confirmed fracture. In the morning they will be putting his foot in a cast. Please pray for his healing and for workers comp to pay for the bill.
In His service,
Tom W.


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