South Africa • Day Seven

“The Lord has challenged me through the people here to share my faith fearlessly and, rely on God for all my needs.” Ryan Miller

“I have been challenged by the two J-Life staff ministering in the extension #23 township community in their service to bring people into the kingdom. I am convicted that I too must be more intentional in my own community before I will be most effective to the ends of the earth.” Glenda Widmer
Outside View of the Silos
This day brought a wide range of emotion. The construction team started putting the trusses on the four silos only to discover that they would not fit…they seemed to be short. A worker from the manufacturing company who made them was dispatched to the farm again. He confirmed that they had made them using inside measurements rather than outside, so they were all too short. They promised replacement yet today but they did not arrive. Work continues on finishing the center portion but we will run out of work if the replacements do not arrive. The roof tile was delivered today but it was planned in the beginning that it would be installed by others.
Inside View of the Silos
During the afternoon, John Abrahamse was climbing a silo to retrieve a hammer when a brick on which he was supporting his foot broke loose and he fell about 20’ onto some debris on the floor. He received some nasty scrapes from hitting the bricks on the way down and could not put any pressure on his right ankle. Jim Tucker took him to a local doctor’s office. While the diagnosis is not conclusive at this point, it appears the ankle most likely is fractured. We will get him to Heidelberg tomorrow to a clinic for x-rays.
Another construction team has been working on a former machine shed that is being converted into a meeting hall. Installing trim boards, painting, cleaning and re-hanging lights are only a few of the many tasks they have completed. There is to be a “Thank You” celebration for local supporters Saturday morning, so we want it to be nice.
A former machine shed is turned into a meeting hall.
A team again went into the extension #23 town township for the day. They installed a new toilet, replaced the bathroom window and fixed a sink at the home where the door was replaced on Tuesday. This is the home of young lady named Minga whose mother had abandoned her. We learned today that she has 3 siblings who she cares for in the home.
Mingy, a special young lady from Extension #23
The five young men in the picture have been our constant companions in ministry each day we have been in the township. Prepare for some stores when we return home about these men. In a short time we have learned much from them and regard them as valued friends.
Solemon, Thabang, Tshepo, Ben and Themba – South African spiritual warriors.
We also took inventory at the orphanage today and made a trip to a grocery store. They had many staple items they needed and we knew we were called to be God’s means of provision. They had not been able to wash clothes for several days because there was no money for soap. It was a real blessing to deliver badly needed items for the children’s care.
Tomorrow will be our last full day at Camp Eden. It will also be the last update I will send. The team thanks you for your prayers and support, we can tell that we are being lifted up by you. May God be richly glorified through our actions and words, all of which you are a part.
Your fellow servant,
Tom W.


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