South Africa • Day Six

The Tuckers arrived safe and sound late last night. It is great having them here with us. Jordan Abrahamse is especially excited that Ramsey is here.

Today was a day for us to take a rest and take in some of the local culture. We went to a lion park in Johannesburg and observed many of the animals of South Africa. We also went to a market to shop for souvenirs…it was a good time and a chance to recharge.
You have not really experienced Africa until you exchange a wet kiss with a giraffe.
One of the many lions we got to see on our safari ride.
I asked some of our team to share a few words about what this trip has meant to them. I will let their words speak for themselves.
“Where does one begin to make comments on how this trip has affected myself and others. When I made the decision to come to South Africa, I was not sure what I would be doing or really what I could do. However, these last days with children in the orphanage and seeing big smiles and getting my daily quota of hugs has endeared my heart and given me a sense of Jesus’ presence. To experience so much done with so little is definitely God at work. We are all well. Thank you for allowing us to represent you! See you soon and God bless.” Karen Meyer
“I did not know quite what to expect on my first mission trip but God has certainly made himself known to me in South Africa. This country is not only beautiful in the landscape that God created, but it is also the people. Going into the poverty stricken area of Extension 23 has shown me the pure joy of life in Christ. A community of people that help and support each other in everything is what these Christians are all about. They have very little in the world, but they have the word hidden in their heart. They have a heart for each other. They have a heart for the lost. They have a heart for Christ. Where do I find joy? Where is my heart?” Seth Hinrichs
“I have been encouraged and blessed. Many young people of this country are evangelistic. They have a vision and are trying to impact people for God. When we went in to show the Jesus film that ended up not working, the children patiently sat and where excited just to be a part of an activity. I am so impressed with the love of the people of the areas we have been visiting. It is like going home to visit with close family that you have never met before. It has been incredible.” Roland Roberts
John Anderson making some new friends.
Please continue to pray for our safety and that we will be able to finish the task set before us. We want to be a blessing to the ministry of J-Life and this roof is important to what they are doing.
Serving with you,


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