2017 • Zambia • Day 10

As we get ready to depart Zambia today, we reflect on what we came to do and accomplished.  Your support, both financial and prayer,  enabled the team to make the training facility a better place.

Zambia’s J-Life Training Center

New interior paint, a walkway around the building, tiles on the shower walls, and  electrical wiring for the caretakers home was accomplished.  While these things were a blessing to the mission of J-Life Zambia, it was not the things that captured our hearts.  Our hearts were captured by the time we spent interacting with the Zambia J-Life team and the people in the community.   Life is hard here, but the church is a vital part of the people and their faith in Jesus is inspiring.

We believe we were a blessing to J-Life Zambia and the community in which they serve.  We encountered and served many who are “the least of these” and we were blessed in return.  There are many reasons why it is hard to leave our new friends.  However, we also are anticipating seeing our family and friends at home.
Thank you, Grace Community Church, for making this trip possible!
The 2017 Grace Zambia Team

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