2017 • Zambia • Day 7

We are accomplishing our work objectives.  The painting of the hall and bathrooms is complete, the walkway around the training center has been poured (we had to hand-mix the concrete), the new sign from the roadway has been erected, and all the conduit for the electrical wiring of the caretakers home has been installed.  Your gifts made this blessing to J-Life possible.  All the donated items of shoes and clothing have been sorted. Joe informed us that while they will give these items to needy individuals and families in the community, they will require able bodied receivers to do needed work or some bartering items needed for the center.  This is to create integrity in the minds of people and further build meaningful relationships.

We went to the market today to get a feel for what it is like to do your shopping in the community.  We were a bit of a novelty as white people (“muzungu”) are few in number.  The people were all very friendly and enjoyed interacting with us.
wifi tower on thanksgiving
Connecting to wifi has been a big problem.  Today, we drove to the tower to get a connection so everyone could get a message to their family on Thanksgiving.
Joe presented us with J-Life Africa’s vision as it relates to the Zambia region.  Their purpose is to “make disciple making movement through the church”.  They do this by training local leaders to make disciples, or “movement builder multipliers”.  Their goal is to train 450 “movement builder multipliers” and train 2000 church leaders by 2020.  They not only train at the center where we are working, but J-Life goes into the local schools and churches to train disciple makers. Seventy percent of the Zambian population is under the age of 20.
Thanksgiving in Zambia
We brought our holiday tradition of Thanksgiving to our Zambian friends today.  No turkey, dressing or watching football for us, but a time of expressing thanks to God for all his provision.  While we miss our families, today we were with a part of our spiritual family as we celebrated together.

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