2017 • Zambia • Day 6

Today we worked on various projects in the morning.  Some of the projects we continued working on included a concrete path around the building, installing sinks in bathrooms as well as painting.  After a brief time to relax during an afternoon shower, we spent time meeting with local Zambians demonstrating their local trades and traditions. We are praying for Tom as he is recovering from sickness.


We enjoyed watching a father and son construct a hoe from scrap metal and the local mutonndo tree.   This really was a great experience to share in their everyday way of life.  A standard size hoe that would be sold at market was equal to $4.50 in US dollars or 45 Kwacha.


The men also got a chance to watch a gentlemen making charcoal.  The wood stacked in this picture took him five days to cut and pile. It will take five days to burn after it is covered with dirt before it is prepped for the market.  The women observed the making of African clay pottery.


To give the Zambians a taste of our American culture, Ryan was asked to serve up some Zambian hot dogs on a grill.  They tasted similar to our hot dogs. Our Zambian friends said they liked them but they haven’t asked for seconds yet.

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