2017 • Zambia • Day 5

Tuesday was a work day and everyone on the team worked very hard. The tasks we worked on were moving blocks to the ‘Kochan House’, painting the large meeting room in the training center, and preparing for cement placement around the center. These may have been our tasks for the day, but our reason for doing this is to bring God glory. We are helping to prepare this training center to make disciples that make disciples for Jesus. Thank you so much for continuing to pray for the team and the work we are doing. We were without power for over 24 hours but that has been restored.

Hauling blocks for the Kochan House

This is the “Kochan House” where we hauled a lot of blocks. Joe is calling it the Kochan House because this house has the same floor plan as the house Rob and Jeanie Kochan lived in when they were in South Africa. When the house is completed, Joe and his family will live in the house.

Cement Work
Tom and Ryan working on the cement around the center.
Rosemary and Glenda Painting
Glenda and Rosemary painting.


Kelita is preparing Chima. Chima is prepared for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Zambia.


This ant hill sits behind the training center. We see them everywhere!

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