2017 J-Life Zambia Team

Zambia Team 2017
Addie Rath, Paige Slabaugh, Bob Rotzoll, Rosemary Slabaugh, Tom & Glenda Widmer, Steve Anderson, Ryan Miller.

On November 15 these good lookin’ folks will be taking off for Zambia (in the southern part of Africa). They will going to serve for 10 days in Zambia with J-Life, our missions partner organization in Africa ran by John Abrahamse (the guy that speaks about once per year at Grace with a goofy accent).

They will be doing some construction, visiting an orphanage and school, conducting children and adult programs.

The team needs to raise a minimum of $2500 to cover material cost for the work they are being asked to do on a training center. Additionally, they have been asked to bring various items to bless and aid the people in the village near the center. To help send the team click here.

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