Zambia • Day Seven

Today is the day we emerge from “the bush” and begin our long journey home. It has been a good week, much different than we anticipated, but a time filled with divine encounters. God truly did bless us and we have been assured that we were a blessing to our new friends. J-Life Zambia is a young vibrant ministry that is totally committed to making disciples. It has been an honor to walk alongside their leaders this week and be given a glimpse into how Jesus is being glorified through their work. Thank you David and Lydia Mulonga for you hospitality and dedication to our Savior. We have made new friends and will miss them. We have also grown closer as a team from Grace Community Church. It is a wonderful thing to be where our Lord wants us, and be a part of a work he is doing.

“…and by your blood you ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” Revelation 5:9
Because of Jesus,
The young boy who was taken to the hospital with Malaria earlier in the week was doing much better.
We have no internet access. Please let everyone know we arrived safe…all our luggage was lost so we look real pretty. Mike and Bob want their families to know they are missed. Attended church this morning, real blessing. Leaving Ndoloa for the J-Life training center today. No pictures…sorry. More later.
Well, tomorrow begins our journey. While most of you will be eating turkey, watching football, and/or planning your shopping stretegy for “Black Friday”. the four of us will be high above the earth on the first leg of our trip to Ndola, Zambia. I have included a photo of our host and his family so that you can pray for them as well as us. We will not actually arrive in Zambia until Saturday morning, so I hope to give you an update from London, England on Friday morning. We have a ten hour layover so we are going to try and make a train ride into town for some quick sight seeing. We want to thank all of you who are praying and provided financial support for this trip. Please be patient with our updates as it is not clear how often we will have access to the internet. The only thing certain at this point is that Jesus is in charge and He has a plan.

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