Zambia • Day Six

David had gone back to Ndola after the service last night to get supplies. We did what jobs we could until he returned. At about 9AM, six people showed up to begin their discipleship, confirming the decision they made last night. We all admitted that we were surprised, Pastor Joe said he was not. Joe Nkhoma is a young man that we have all learned to love. He is such an example and blessing to us as he displays Christ in everything he does. He is definitely one of our biggest blessings on this trip.

Since it is our last day in Zambia, we took the afternoon off and went to a game preserve to see animals and have a “brei” (picnic). The area we are staying has very few animals left in the wild, so this preserve is a chance to see the types of animals that are located in other parts of Zambia, just not here any longer. It was a fun time and allowed us to spend time with our new friends in a relaxed setting.
Make sure and ask Mike and Bob about their adventure on the way home from the game preserve. It involves a disabled vehicle, intoxicated villagers, towing a car in the rain and a very late final night.

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