Zambia • Day Five

Worked for a few hours this morning doing shower tiling, then we split into three groups and walked to local villages to invite people to view the Jesus video at the training center tonight. This was really an great experience as we got to see where people really live. It really makes you realize how remote we are when you start following footpaths that open up into clearings where homes are located. The comment was made that these homes and the way people are living is not much different than 100 years ago (or more). No electricity or running water, grass roofs, cooking over an open fire. You really got a sense of being in Africa! We shared Christ with those we encountered and many said they would come to see the film.

That afternoon at the appointed time, no one showed up. We waited an hour and decided to just watch the Jesus film ourselves. After about 30 more minutes, people started coming. We stopped the film and sang songs until the room was full…two hours after the appointed time (they call it African time, everyone always comes late). The DVD started acting up right during the part where “Jesus cleanses the temple”, so we just stopped and Pastor Joe preached a a salvation message. Five people came forward and indicated they wanted to receive Christ. Joe challenged them to return to the center in the morning to begin their discipleship instruction. We sang a few songs and everyone departed.

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