South Africa • Day Four

Today brought a full day of construction work and ministry.

Karen Meyer and Glenda Widmer with the orphanage director and some of the children.
A team of seven people went back into Heidelberg at Extension #23 to work with the church ministry. They spent the day visiting the orphanage, interacting with children, doing small fix-it projects in the community, and encouraging some of the young men who are a part of the church.
The young children of the orphanage will steal your heart.
It was anticipated that the trusses were to arrive today, but we had no guarantee as Africa commitments and times run on a different schedule than they do back home. Thirteen members of the team divided into groups to do paving, installing new roof flashing on a building, painting, window cleaning, and silo/dormitory preparation. Not having the trusses has allowed the team to do many odd jobs that have needed to be accomplished but were not getting done. Shortly after noon today, the trusses arrived. The team shifted into overdrive and began that part of the progress in earnest. Even as I am writing this blog at 9PM, Michael Ehler, Greg Isaacson and John Abrahamse are on top of the silo structure with a laser-level and a grinder. Getting the roof on this structure is a high priority so the extra time invested tonight will allow a faster start in the morning.
Trusses were delivered today and the installation begins.
We found out today about a 15 year old girl in the township whose mother abandoned her to go live with a boyfriend. The young lady has no means to take care of herself and was living in her mother’s small home alone. Through the outreach and support of the Extension #23 church, she started attending the church and has become a believer. Recently, someone kicked in the rear door of the house and broke her rear window out. Having no way to secure herself inside at night due to the door being beyond repair, we felt led by God to purchase a new door and glass for window. We bought everything we will need today and will return to install it tomorrow. The township is a dangerous place at night with much violence and theft. How could we know of such a need and choose not to bless her for God’s glory?
Ryan Miller measures for the replacement door.

Please pray for;

  • Safety for the men working on the silo roofing project.
  • Safety for the team spending time in the Extension #23 ministry.
  • That our eyes will be opened to seeing God’s power at work through us.
  • That we all would be getting adequate sleep (the men’s dorm is reported to have massive amounts of snoring!).
  • That we will return home from Africa changed…and spiritually contagious.
Serving with you,

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