South Africa • Day Five

The team having lunch together on our outing.
Part of the team went back to the township for the day. We were able to do some minor repairs to the church site, and we got the new door installed the 15 year old girl’s home that I had mentioned yesterday. Glenda, Karen and Kim spent the morning helping take care of children at the preschool that is connected to the orphanage. The men came over after the fix-it tasks were done for the day. One of the awesome things about the orphanage is that you are smothered in children as soon as you enter. They are hungry for love and attention…and we are happy to oblige.
Another part of the team was up early to continue work on the trusses. With so many unusual angles and pieces forming a single roof over five silos, it is like a puzzle. Rob Kochan has been tasked with figuring out the puzzle and the photo should help you see his challenge. What the photo does not show is that not a single truss has a number or designation of where it is to go. After several hours of not making any sense, the company who made the trusses sent out a representative. Much to out delight, he could not figure out the pattern either. Finally, they came up with a solution and the team is now on the fast-track.
This evening we helped conduct what was to be a showing of the Jesus Film at the church site in the township. I struck a pothole on the way and blew out a tire. The spare was flat and we had to call back to the camp for help. After inflating the tire and making it to the church an hour late, technical difficulties prohibited the film from being show to the 60+ people who had gathered. Instead, they had a time of signing and Greg Isaacson shared a testimony with them through an interpreter. It seems that Greg has a little bit of evangelist in him and really did a great job. We were able to get one of the tires fixed and make it back to camp about an hour late. Still, it was another great day!
In closing, this time in Africa is really a blessing from God. I need to advise all of you family at home, some of you are going to have different loved-ones returning home as Jesus is working among us. Keep praying for us as we still have much more to do for His kingdom.
Tom W.

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