South Africa • Day Three

Today we worship with our new South Africa friends. We divided the group in half so that we could attend two separate services. One group went to “Uniting Reformed Church”, an older established church

in Belfour, a township in Siyathemba. There we were welcomed by a congregation of about 100 who worshipped in the Sotho, Zulu and English languages. The harmony of their acopella songs was beautiful and moved us (even if we could not understand the words). The pastor spoke in English to honor us and the message was translated into Sotho. They asked Tom to address the congregation on behalf of the Grace South Africa Team…luckily he kept it short as their church service was two hours long.

The second group
was taken to a J-Life church plant in Heidelberg.

The congregation is known as Extension #23 and meets in a surplus military tent on a plot of ground purchased from the government. This church is in a black township in a very economically poor section of the community. The young pastors named Thabiso and Duduz lead the church and live in a converted storage container on site. The congregation of about 40 people was much more animated in their worship with many African worship songs and spontaneous dancing. Rob Kochan, Bill Myer, Rob Iglehart and Greg Isaacson were called upon to give their testimony.

After the worship services
, we all met back on the grounds of Section #23 and had lunch. Some members returned to Camp Eden to work on unfinished projects. The remaining members of the team visited a local orphanage and made home visits with some of the members of the church until it was time to return back to camp.

At our devotional time this evening

 there was much sharing about what an impact today had on each of us. We witnessed people who are poor in physical possessions, but rich in relationship with God. They are different in many ways from us as white Americans, but the same blood of Jesus purchased our salvation. They not only are our new friends, but they are our brothers and sisters. It was a great day today and we were blessed!

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