South Africa • Day 1

The South Africa team arrived in Johannesburg on schedule after a 15+ hour plane ride from Atlanta. We flew through 8 time zones so our body clocks are a little messed up right now. The flight was pretty full so we were not
able to move around much. At the airport we were met by the J-Life representatives and were transported to Camp Eden. It is an additional hour and a half through the City, out to rural highways, and then finally down a gravel/dirt road. We ran across a group of farmers out spotlighting “bucks”. Out guide Thabo said it is legal and really the only way to shoot them as they are difficult to see during the day.
Once we arrived at camp, room assignments were made and they served us supper. It is too dark for us to really get the lay of the land, so we are all awaiting the visible suprises that will await us tomorrow. The Abrahamse children warned Glenda about the jackals and hyenas so I do not think she will be taking a stroll before bed. We will have a meeting after breakfast in the morning to lay out our project plan for the week. I will try to send at least one photo each day starting tomorrow. Our wi-fi connection is very bad so please be patient with these updates.

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